Escola Passos do Saber
Visual Identity - 2018
Close to completing two decades educating kids from two to ten years old, the School Passos do Saber (Passos do Saber School), based in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, was being prepared since 2018 to implement interactive technologies, integranting face to face classes and distance learning in their's educational methodology.
Following a series of adjustments to the school's new pedagogical identity, and new tools that was going to be introduced in 2019, their team took the oportunity to develop a new visual identity.
This project was done to reflect the integration between the real and the digital world. The wordmark was set in Ostrich Sans Inline for the words 'Passos' and 'Saber', and the word 'do' was set in Josefin Sans, and then that was rotated and manipulated to match Ostrich Sans Inline's letterforms appearance and to work as a symbol and support graphics at the same time. I also designed a pixel inspired version to expand the digital concept.
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