Fuego is a playlist with Reggaeton songs that aims to take this music genre to mainstream audiences in a genuine way. Its purpose is give a cultural experience through the music. Artists such as Bad Bunny, Anitta, J Balvin and many others make their presence in Fuego, each one bringing value to the representativeness asked in the brief.
The process of Fuego's visual identity design was supported by three aspects that are essential to comprehend Reggaeton beyond the clichés: History, Culture and Behavior.
The visual system uses typography as the main differentiator. From the logotype to the support typeface the expressiveness of a diverse latinicity was valued that is able to go from blackletter style as seen in chola's aesthetics, tattoos and 80's puerto rican's jewelry, to the warm serif typefaces, very popular in contemporary latin foundries.
The result of it, is a visual identity that bring back elements from latin aesthetics, synthesizes it and present it in a simple, contextualized and comprehensive way.
This is a non comercial project for academic purposes
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