Marcelo Argôlo
Visual identity project for Marcelo Argôlo, a journalist and music researcher with passages in Salvador's main newsrooms, agencies and press offices. In 2021, seeking to focus more and more on the field of ​​Brazilian music research, Marcelo also decided to invest in his personal brand.
In an extensive collaborative process, we defined guidelines on how the visual identity should (and should not) be: in addition to reflecting their professional activities and thematic specificity, they should avoid the use of musical notation as a visual reference, deviating from interpretations of the universe of classical music.
Thus, the Brazilian flag, the "play" symbol and music recording media such as cd and vinyl were chosen as the main references. These elements were applied both to the color palette and to the symbol and graphics as well, built on a geometric grid based on modularity. Bringing the concepts of Brazilianness, cyclicality, contemporaneity, music and universality, all of them important for Marcelo's journalistic practice.
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